• Title
    Irish press advertisements
  • Reference
  • Date
    1959 - 2002
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    Series of Irish press advertisements advertising Guinness stout in Ireland. 1959 marked the Guinness bicentenary and the first year that GUINNESS stout was formally advertised in Ireland (GDB/MK03.01/0002) Prior to this date, there had been some advertising conducted in Ireland, but always on a local scale and this is reflected in the guard book, (GDB/MK03.01/0403). S H Bensons, who already handled the account for Guinness for the British market, were appointed advertising agents with local input from Arks Limited of Dublin. Benson’s first campaign featured the slogan: "200 years of Guinness - what a lovely long drink". (GDB/MK03.01/0002). The series reflects a wide range of advertising topics in Ireland including, Irish language advertisements, advertisements in local newspapers, theatre groups, contribution of Guinness to the Irish economy, Guinness and food, sport, rugby, sponsorship, Irish festivals, horse racing, Guinness for value during the recession in the 1980s. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s advertising was particularly aimed at women drinkers, with reference to Guinness as a low calorie drink. Strap lines in Ireland included, 'Get together with a Guinness', 'Have a Guinness tonight', No beer comes near'.
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    403 items & 3 sub series
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